New video tells the story behind Don Kyatt’s recently opened Sydney warehouse

Don Kyatt has released a video on its social media platforms explaining the significance of an important painting that adorns the foyer wall of its new Sydney branch.
The company’s new Sydney warehouse, which was opened earlier this year in the suburb of Marsden Park, also boasts a 40-metre steel recreation of the painting at the front of the building which illustrates the journey of Don Kyatt’s major brand, Terrain Tamer.
Titled ‘Dry Water,’ the painting was completed by renowned indigenous artist and Terrain Tamer customer, Kurun Warun (known as Tio).
Don Kyatt General Manager, Brett Hutchinson – son of company founder and Managing Director, Frank – explained the relevance of the actual painting and the massive 40-metre representation.
“We like to think that we are an old company, with one owner who is still the Managing Director after 53 years, so there is that consistency all the way through,” Brett says in the video.
“Some people say that is quite remarkable, but we still have so much to learn.
“When we opened up Sydney, there was a great customer of ours called Tio, who is incredibly charismatic and amazingly talented, and I approached him and asked if he could help us tell our story.
“He said leave it with me and he has come up with a beautiful painting and he is able to tell the Terrain Tamer story in that painting, which is pretty incredible.
“We spent five years planning and preparing so it is great to see the new branch open; and this (the painting and its steel representation) really is the jewel in the crown.”
Tio tells the video’s audience that the painting represents the merging of two cultures and the journey through the land, because you need to know which way to go and where the water holes are.
Brett continues, saying that the water holes represent Terrain Tamer stores and the knowledge of the people at the water holes is akin to that of the 6,000 talented and knowledgeable Terrain Tamer mechanics.
“When our customers are travelling its important that they know where the next Terrain Tamer store is, just to have that confidence that there is a store in Alice Springs and that there is a workshop in every country town in Australia; that will inspire them to see this incredible country,” Brent said.
“So many of us don’t get to see enough of it so if we can allow people to do that with a bit more confidence, then we are doing our job properly.”

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